Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer In China

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MaxMach (registered under the name of Hangzhou Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd) is a Chinese company group engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of building material machinery. Our group operates through four factories and one operations office in China. Besides, our products are commercialized un

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Main Products

Roll Forming Machine

Steel Structure Machinery

  • Floder and  slitter machine
    The digital-control folder & slitter machine is flexibly used to fold and slit work piece which is unsuitable for traditional pressing system. The machine mainly consists of machine body, clamp unit, folding equipment, digital-control backstop, slitting system, work piece supporting equipmen
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  • Cut to length line
    Cut to length line Technical procedure: Loading→ Decoiling→ Fine leveling→ Loop→ Guiding→ Length set and five rolls leveling→ Cutting→ Panel collecting
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SandWich Panel Line

  • Pu sandwich panel line
    Pu sandwich panel line Introduction It has high degree of automation, high production efficiency, easy operation, etc. And the product is widely applied for steel building, refrigerator, moveable building, etc. We can customize machine according to your requirement.
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  • Sandwich Panel Line
    Sandwich Panel Line Brief Introduction sandwich panel is a integrated production line which consist of a roll forming machine and a sandwich penal laminating system. The line can produce three types of panels: flat wall sandwich panel, push-in sandwich panel and corrugated sandwic
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Assistant Machinery Series

  • Decoiler
    Decoiler introduction This equipment is used in uncoiling and transportation of steel sheet,Its structure is new-style, automatic material loading and hydraulic impacting.
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  • Stacker
    Stacker introduction This device is specially designed to reduce labor intensity, and assistant to different roll forming machine, tile machine, steel deck machine and etc.
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