2.0*1220 cut to length line
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2.0*1220 cut to length line

2.0*1220 cut to length line is to cut the coil steel to set length, stacker the panels together.

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Technical Parameter
Parameters of Coil:
Material: Cold-rolled, galvanized, pre-painted and aluminum, etc.
(σb≤600Mpa σS≤350Mpa)
Thickness: 0.26- 1.94 mm
Coil width: 910- 1220 mm
I.D. of steel coil: Ф508/ Ф610
O.D. of steel coil: ≤ Ф1400 mm
Coil weight: ≤ 10 T
Finished Product Parameters:
Cut to length: 500-6000 mm
Tolerance after cutting to length : ≤±1/3000
Tolerance of catercorner : ≤±1.5/3000
Stacking weight: 5000 kg
max height: 500 mm
Other Parameters:
Leveling speed: ≤60 m/min
Electric source: 220V/50HZ Three phases five wires system
Total power: about 50 kw
Driving motor:
Decoiler motor: about AC5.5 kw
15 roller levelers motor: about AC22 kw
Dimension (L*W): 18 m* 7 m (L*W)
Machine group operation direction: From left to right.
(Facing the operational panel)
Operators: 2 worker, at least 1 worker is skilled.
Color: Customized by buyer.