3x1600 Slitting Line
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3x1600 Slitting Line

3x1600 Slitting Line can decoil, slit and recoil big steel coils as required width standards.

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Technical parameters
Steel coil parameters
1.Raw material: Cold and hot rolled sheet,galvanized steel
2.Raw material strength: σs≤245Mpa σb≤450Mpa
3.Raw material thickness: 0.5~3.0mm
4.Coil width: 500~1600mm
5.Suitable coil ID: Φ508
6.Suitable coil OD: max Φ1600mm
7.Coil loading capacity: max 10Tons
Finished products parameters
1.Slitting pieces numbers:
t≤0.3mm, 8 pieces, include 2 pieces slitter edge;
t≤1.0mm, 12 pieces, include 2 pieces slitter edge;
2.Minimum slitting width: ≥50mm
3.Recoiling ID:Φ508mm
Other parameters
1.Slitting speed: ≤40m/min
2.Slitting mode: Dynamic shear
3.Electric source: 380V/50HZ Three phases five wires system
4.Total power: 100kw
Floor space: Seeing the layout drawing
5.Working direction: From the left to the right(Facing line on the operation table side)
6.Operator numbers: Two technical workers, two common workers
7.Equipment color: As the request of customer