Maxtube 76 stainless steel welding machine
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Maxtube 76 stainless steel welding machine

76(enlarge) High precision welding machine for stainless steel with Roller Module die.

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This equipment is specially used for producingΦ20-Φ100mm, δ1.0-3.0mm stainless steel straight seam welded pipe. It made by refined materials in high precision and equipped with fixed length cutting saw.
Applicable material
1 Raw material SUS302 stainless steel strip.

2 Thickness of steel strip 1.0-3.0mm (As per GB708-88)
3 The width of steel strip 62-314mm(±0.2mm)
4 I.D. of steel coil Φ450-Φ550mm
5 O.D. of steel coil Φ800-Φ1200mm
6 Maximum weight coil 2500kgs
Dimension range of processing steel pipe:
1 O.D of pipe Φ20-Φ100mm
2 Wall thickness 1.0-3.0mm
3 Length 4-8m
4 Mill speed 1-3m/min
5 Tolerance of diameter maximum±0.05mm
6 Ar-arc welder 400A ( "SAF” brand)
7 Machine dimention 35m×4m (length × width)
8 Total power 55kw
9 Voltage 440V/220V,50HZ
Work flow
Raw material (steel coil) ------- Uncoiling -------- Shearing and butt-welding-------- non-power leveling---------Mill-forming --------- TIG welding and plasma welding --------- Polishing burrs outside of weld seam -------- Cooling -------- Sizing ------- roughly straightening ------- Fixed length cutting ------- Finished pipe -------- Run-out table