Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Line
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Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Line

This production ----- rock wool sandwich panel has the best functions: such as anti-flaming, thermal insulation, hest insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and environmental protection. It is mainly used in high-rise buildings and advanced office building exterior wall decoration.

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Main characteristic and advantage
This rock wool sandwich panel line is a full automatic continuous product line. This line adopts international advanced roll forming technology, HCFC PU foaming technology, laminating transferred technology, frequency vector technology and hydraulic control technology. The whole line needs seven or ten operators to control the system. The main characteristics are below:
1.High degree of automation: this line adopts NC servo, frequency vector and hydraulic control technology. And it uses auto length setting and cutting without stopping the line.
2.High product efficiency: the product speed is 3-7m/min (according to profile requirement, it can be adjusted steplessly), the manual production capacity is 800000 m2. (each year 250 working days and work 10 hours one day)
3.Simple operation: it adopts computer integrated control technology. It only needs to input and parameters and cutting length, the line will run automatically.
4.Low cost of production: with the improvement of degree of automation, the line needs five to seven operators to keep the line run normally.
Main parameters
1.Sandwich panel specification:
Length: Min cutting length 3m
Max cutting length 15m
Wallboard panel width: 600-1000mm (see profile drawing)
Corrugated panel width: 1000mm (see profile drawing)
PU sandwich panel thickness: 50/75/100/150mm (not include the corrugated part)
(The profile sees drawing in details)
2.Raw material specification:
Inner color steel sheet thickness: 0.4-0.6mm
Outer color steel sheet thickness: 0.5-0.8mm
Steel sheet yield strength: 235Mpa
Steel sheet max width: 1250mm (width tolerance is ±2mm)
Coil max weight: 6T
Coil inner diameter: Φ508mm/610mm
PU foaming raw material: polyether and isocyanate, foaming by 141B
PU foaming density: 36~45Kg/m3
Rock wool raw material: (1200-2400) mm*1200mm*100mm (L*W*H)
Rock wool core material density: 100~150Kg/m3 
3.Product line specification:
Max running speed: 7m/min (can be adjusted)
Max line length: about 140m
Work height: 1200mm (the panel output height)
Foam pouring work pressure: 150-200 bar
Double belt effective length: 21m
Control type: adopt imported PCL control (Siemens/Mitsubishi)
Main motor power: about 300kw (not include the heating power)
Power supply: 380V/3Ph/50Hz
Air source pressure: 0.7Mpa (prepared by customer) 
Profile drawing