Hangzhou Roll Forming Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of building material machinery in China. Our products are commercialized under two major brands: MaxMach, focused in Roll Forming Machinery, and MaxTube focused in tube and pipe mill line...

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Our business philosophy:

Tailored products for your specific necessities.

High quality machinery to build your future.

Maximum the possibility of our Machinery,

Maximum the possibility of your business.

  • Pipe Making Machine

    This pipe making machine sometimes also referred to as pipe welding machine or pipe making machine, is typically used to manufacture various types of pipes, like round, square, and rectangular types.T

  • Common roll forming machine

    we can manufacture and design different roll forming machine ,such as roofing machine,roof tile forming machine,guadrail roll forming machine

  • Sandwich panel line

    Sandwich Panel Line is a integrated production line which consist of a roll forming machine and a sandwich penal laminating system. The line can produce three types of panels: flat wall sandwich panel

  • Steel structure machinery

    Maxmach group have more than 20 years experience on steel structure machinery,such as: H beam welding machine sandwich panel line slitting line cut to length line slitting and cut to length line

  • To ensure that you receive the product that best fits your needs, our technical and sales team will study in detail your requirements. Contact with us and we will advice you without any charge about the machine that best fits your business necessities and the different kind of trade conditions that we can offer, technological consultation, conceptual design and logistic planning