Purlin roll forming machine
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Purlin roll forming machine

The purlin roll forming machine can form the hot/cold rolled steel strip and can get various specification purlins.the C-purlin,z-purlin,m-purlin,u-purlin,m-purlin and L-purlin and other specification modification can be shifted automatically .The forming speed can reach to 30m/min .It is the fully automatical cold forming line for steel structure industry and fill up the blank of the domestic market.
The CZ changeable automatic purlin forming machine is an example and very well-come.
Main technique data of Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Raw material : Cold rolled steel coil
Hot rolled steel coil
Galvanized steel coil
Raw material yield strength: 235~300Mpa
Raw material thickness: 1.0~2.0mm
Line working speed: 5~10m/min