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Roof tile making machine

This roof tile making machine is always used to produce the color steel or Galvanized steel roof tile.The roof tile making machine is a new generational type with high spped and high efficient.This series roof tile making machine includes many different types, such as 183\207\306.The panel produced by this machine looks attractive, elegant and noble and they are widely used as the roof of garden, hotel, exhibition center, villa, civil construction and so on.we can customize machine according to your requirement.
Main technique data of Roof tile making machine
Raw material : Color steel coil
Galvanized steel coil
Raw material yield strength: 235~300Mpa
Raw material thickness: 0.3~0.6mm
Line working speed: 1~2m/min
Note: if the raw material yield strength is bigger than 400Mpa, the tile plate roll forming line cannot be manufactured by our company.

Machine series mark: Maxmach
Payment item: T/T, L/C
Payment currency: USD/EUR
Delivery time: 80~100 days
Shipping port: Shanghai/Ningbo