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Roofing machine

Roofing machine is mainly used in the production of colored steel sheets. The machine is artistically made and transmits smoothly at a low noise. It is a kind of very welcomed modern building material with better anti-press and anti-bending performance, and is widely used in the building of garden like factories, civil-construction and mansions, etc. Its length is set according to customer’s requirements and transportation situation. Its color is selected from the color code of the steel factory.
It is the continuous machine for producing steel roof .The series roofing machine has more than 100 models for producing different panels, just like all kinds of roofing panels, wall panels, and internal panels ect.
Main technique data of Roofing machine
Raw material : Color steel coil
Galvanized steel coil
Raw material yield strength: 235~300Mpa
Raw material thickness : 0.3~0.6mm
Note: if the raw material yield strength is bigger than 350Mpa, the corrugation plate roll forming line cannot be manufactured by our company.
Line working speed : 8~10m/min
Machine series mark: RF
Payment item: T/T, L/C
Payment currency: USD/EUR
Delivery time: 60~80 days
Shipping port: Shanghai/Ningbo